Meditation Books for Kids


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    Moody Cow Learns Compassion

    $16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Grandfather’s wisdom ensures that even the toughest little hearts will be deeply touched, even as kids laugh out loud at Bully’s outrageous gall! When Moody’s friend, Bully, gets a little too excited feeding live crickets to their new snake, Jaws; Grandfather takes them on an adventure that helps Bully and Moody […]

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    Moody Cow Meditates

    $16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Peter is having the worst day ever. His little sister, Daisy, is such a brat! And, now everyone’s calling him ‘Moody Cow’. When Grandfather listens deeply to the whole story and shows Peter how to use his mind-jar to let it all go, ‘Moody Cow’ smiles for the first time that […]

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    Peaceful Piggy Meditation

    $6.95 Softcover, 32 pages $15.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Two hilariously speedy and stressed out little piggies learn an important skill to self-settle and self-soothe, beginning to take responsibility for their own minds and emotions. Gentle text combines with whimsical art to empower even the youngest children with the notion that they can learn to work […]

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    Peaceful Piggy Yoga

    $16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Humorous, warm and somehow always silly, our peaceful piggy friends learn that everyone loves yoga – even ballerinas and football players! Helps children get into the joyful habit of being mindful of their bodies. Postures playfully presented by children and their piggy partners, ending with quiet bedtime poses. Peaceful Piggy Yoga […]

  • justmeandmymind

    Just Me and My Mind

    $18.95 Hardcover, 16 pages Pull a new thought out of the boy’s head on every page: Happy, sad, excited, worried… and then let those thoughts go so he can think clearly again!

Pigs Over Colorado Series

The Pigs Over Colorado Series is not currently available,
but it will be available through Amazon soon!